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But first, a little Q & A:

Q. Why would I want to use a Realtor when I'm buying a brand new home? 

When you buy a new home through the builder's sales office, the person helping you has been hired by the builder and is representing them; not you.  They will not fight for you if you have a problem with the builder.  It is to your benefit to have someone on your side who knows real estate and is working in your best interests.  

Q. If I work with a Realtor in a new home purchase, does that mean I will have to pay more for the house?

A.  No.  The new home prices are already set and are not affected by the Realtor's commission or referral fee.  You will not be paying a penny more for the home by utilizing a Realtor to represent you.  You may pay less, actually, because the Realtor will make sure the builder informs you of any and all buyer incentives.
Q.  Can you give me an example of how working with a Realtor on my new home purchase can benefit me?

A.  Yes.  For one, to provide you with information.  For another, to give you an ally.

1)  Information:  Your Realtor knows the area, and has the tools to research it for you.  She may be aware of expensive monthly taxes or school bonds, dual homeowner association fees, past history of neighborhood problems, and so on.  When you look at model homes, you may find that the salesperson at the tract is not forthcoming with negative information.  Hopefully most of it will be disclosed to you later in the sales process, but why waste your time in a tract which doesn't suit you?  When you're look at model homes with your Realtor, she can ask additional questions of the salesperson which will help you to determine whether that neighborhood is right for you.  Use your Realtor for information, to save you time and trouble.

2) Having an ally:  You may be surprised at how many brand new homes have defects.  The builder doesn't want you to bring in your own inspector to discover what these are; they'd rather close the transaction and have you take care of problems later under their warranty.  But who wants to deal with problems such as non-functioning kitchen appliances, doors that need to be correctly re-hung, electrical, plumbing or mold issues that could have been corrected before you moved in?  Some builders will not yield to a buyer's request for an independent inspection, but your Realtor can fight for your rights to obtain an outside inspection prior to closing escrow.  Your Realtor is on your side.

Q. OK, how can I get my Realtor involved?

A.  Easy -- just bring your Realtor to the new home tract on your very first visit so you may sign in together.  If you aren't sure whether the new development cooperates with brokers, just ask them BEFORE you step into their office to look at the models for the first time.  If you sign in at the models without your Realtor during your first visit, you become the builder's customer and will not have the benefit of Realtor representation.   

Q.  Which Realtor should I use on my new home purchase?

A.  You're just messing with me, right? :)
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Insider Information on New Construction:

Felicia Grady has the "inside scoop" on upcoming construction.  Learn what only a select group of Realtors know!  Email me for a list of up-to-date information on model homes and direct links to builders' web pages. 


Felicia, the way you presented yourself was the reason I felt comfortable with you and stopped returning calls from other agents. ...
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